We are mothers, wives, business owners and friends who are on a mission to empower and support female entrepreneurs.

We host six month business masterminds, offer 2:1 business coaching, and teach women how to run their own group programs filled with dream clients!

When we met, we were both frustrated with the lack of support in our community for women entrepreneurs. We were in search of deeper, more meaningful connections with other women and we desperately needed support as we juggled business ownership with all of the other competing priorities in life (#momlife).

We were tired of the typical networking events and the occasional “women-focused” events that were bland and superficial. We weren’t building genuine connections with other women by saying “Hi, my name is... My business is...”

We wanted (and needed) a community of women who understood what we were going through running a business and trying to keep our lives together at the same time.

Surely we weren’t the only ones struggling with this? So, we started asking around about the possibility of bringing together a group of women business owners to connect in-person.

The idea was to educate the women in the group while also creating a space to brainstorm ideas, ask tough questions, celebrate wins, and find an overarching sense of support. All of this, while also growing our businesses!

What soon developed were authentic relationships, a sense of inclusion and acceptance, and a feeling of being totally understood - and this allowed us all to show up fully as the CEOs of our businesses.

Business strategy and big downloads don't always have to come from a coach or mentor - they can come from within when you have the right sisterhood of support.

We realized that we had stumbled onto something powerful.

The space we’d created that fostered a true sense of community needed to be shared with the world!

Our hope now is to bring ambitious women together in our masterminds, support women growing their businesses, and encourage more women to step into their leadership and create their own groups.

It's what the world needs more of: women supporting women.